Schedule lot clearing services in Newark, Middletown & Wilmington, DE

Start Construction on a Clean Slate

Are you planning to build a new home or commercial building in the Newark, Middletown & Wilmington, DE area? Let the pros at C & R Tree Service prepare your land with lot clearing services. We'll create a space for your building project while minimizing impact on the land.

To get a free estimate on lot clearing services, reach out to us now.

lot clearing services in Newark, wilmington, and wilmington, DE

5 good reasons to arrange for lot clearing services

Don't start your new construction project on a subpar plot of land. Professional lot clearing services can make building easier by:

  1. Removing fire and injury hazards.
  2. Promoting healthy plant growth.
  3. Preventing soil erosion.
  4. Reducing pest populations.
  5. Creating a stable surface to build on.

Clear the way for your construction project in the Newark, Middletown & Wilmington, DE area. Call 302-985-1822 today to schedule lot clearing services.