Save your yard from potential disasters with a thorough tree removal in Newark, Middletown & Wilmington, DE

Make the Best Decision for Your Property

Is your yard in Newark, Middletown & Wilmington, DE being taken over by trees? If so, investing in a tree removal service will help you reclaim your lawn. C & R Tree Service provides a thorough tree removal service that leaves your yard spotless. There's no tree too big or small for our arborist. We'll even provide a stump removal service to complete the job.
Take advantage of our 24/7 emergency services. If you're in Newark, Middletown or Wilmington, DE, call 302-985-1822 now for your free estimate.

Tree removal service in Newark, wilmington, and wilmington, DE

When should you get a tree removal service?

Making the decision to remove a tree is a hard one. You don't want to harm the environment but you also want to avoid a needless catastrophe. Understanding the signs of a severely dangerous tree will help you make the best decision possible. Consider these instances that warrant an immediate tree removal service:

  • Overgrown trees that are blocking your windows or doors
  • Trees that are leaning towards your home
  • Trees that have a pest or mite infestation
  • Excessive mold growth overtaking your tree

Investing in a tree removal service is the best thing you can do for your property and the environment.

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